Sunday, November 19, 2006

Belly R.I.P

Belly, my terrapin died today. Baywatch got 2 terrapins, they were really tiny when we got them. I named one shelly ( for obvious reasons) and belly was the bigger, rounder one. She was the funnest terrapin ever ( not that i have had terrapins before in my life). I am sure Shelly and belly liked each other a lot. They were all over each other all the time, unless that is a way to express animosity in terrapin lingo. Sigh..Shelly will feel lonely now.
As soon as i walk into baywatch, I would first hold Shelly and became kind of a ritual. I would feed them and clean their poo. Yup, like taking care of babies. Only it was small-ass poo. When I was down and went there all by myself, I d hold them and talk to them. I felt like they responded ( by trying to run away from my hand, of course). Over these months, I had created this unusually strong bond with them.
I heard Belly was not doing too good so I decided to visit her. I held her, she didn't move. Her neck was cold (not because of the water, this time). I rushed her to a vet only to find out she s gone. I shook her a little more, asked her to get up. Nope, nothing. I took her to the beach and buried her there.
Ironically she was the healthier one of the two. She is one terrapin I will never forget. May her soul rest in peace. Love and peace.

“Now bury her,
the water she swam in,
And bury her down and down
Who had to put her trust in one
So light-eyed and so brown....”

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