Friday, September 21, 2007

Lunch Box...

I take lunch sometimes from home and I travel by an autorickshaw. Yesterday, I picked up my lunch box which I remmeber vividly had toast in it but when I landed at work, I see the lunch pack is not with me. I recollect I left it in the autorickshaw so I order lunch from a nearby hotel. I get back home in the evening and tell my Grama and mom that I left the box in the auto for which I got yelled at, a lil. Apparently, its my grama s favourite box. Wtf!

This morning I see the lunch box on my dining table. Apparently, I didn't take it to work at all yesterday. But in my head, when I found the box missing when I got to work, I strongly believed I left it back in the Auto. Infact, I remembered vividly taking it from home which I did not. Now why I am talking about this is cuz in my past relationships I have faced similar memory issues. I believe things that I WANT to as FACTS. And they are as real to me as sun rising in the East. And you can imagine the amount of chaos it must have caused in the life of people involved and my head, of course. Because, when people told me that the opposite of what I told them was the truth, it made me feel ummm.. ill. After which, I tried with all my heart and sole to imbibe the facts around me as they are and it seemed to be working out just fine until yesterday's incident happened. Bummer!

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