Sunday, November 02, 2008

Non-drunken rambings...

Since I cannot consume alcohol at this point in time, I am put in a situation at parties where I observe. And let me tell you, it's not as boring as it sounds. I'll tell you why. People who drink miss out on the chance to really look around. They tend to get a little to self-absorbed. After my last party, I paid attention to the various kinds of drunk personalities.

1. The sober drunk- This kind is pretty uncommon to find below the age of 25. These are the people who have "been there, done that". They know how to handle their drinks. Even after 20 pegs, they seem extremely sober in a social gathering. Although, one never knows what happens when they get home.

2. The philosophically drunk- As the name suggests, these people start their lines with "Have you ever wondered why..." or "Sometimes I feel like..." after their 2nd or 3rd drink. You know it will be a while before they shut up. Encounters of this kind, mostly end up in them either ending up in tears or well.. passing out.

3. The drunk extrovert- This is the kind who will go out of his way and socialize after a few drinks although he might or might not know what he is talking about. Mostly, its the latter. He seems overly confident about himself and his content of speech although he might slur.. a lot. They are loud and funny, not in ways they d want to be though.

4. The sexually drunk- Now this kind is found majorly between age groups 18- 23. These are the people who get extremely sexually uninhibited when drunk. They will "charge" on living or non-living objects after 4 or 5 drinks and claim they dont remember jackshit the next day :-/

5. The silent drunk- These are the people who get REALLY boring when drunk. They shut up and prefer to be left alone. My hypothesis is that they like to communicate with the voices in their heads when drunk because I refuse to believe that people can get that boring.

6. The self-obsessed drunk- Ok, now we have come across people who like to talk about themselves excessively when sober. These are the people who become the self-obsessed drunk. They still talk about themselves, only now they make sure EVERYONE in the room is paying close attention to them. If someone else tries to talk , they will get back to talking about themselves in about a minute. So yeah, the silent drunks are much better.

7. The plain weird drunk- These are not the kinds who will hit on you or stay in one corner of the room all by themselves. They are just plain weird when drunk. By weird I mean, repitative weird talks about the randomest stuff or doing the weirdest thing. I know I sound vague, but c'mon i m sure you have bumped into these kinds!

If you guys have anymore drunk personalities, please do add on. I am sure I will come across a lot more in the forthcoming parties as I have a good 2 years of sobriety. Woohoo!