Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I feel like a cliche.

One of my characteristics that one person I knew a while back didnt quite like was that I was "cliched" in a relationship. I used to feel inadequate for my lack of "orginality". I tried my best to say/ do things differenly so that I am not termed "the usual". When I wanted to gift something, I made a pizza clock, I wrote his name with capacitors on a circuit board..the list goes on.

Now when I think about, it all looks pretty ..umm..stupid ( for want of a better word). Yes, I meant it when I did all of it but I would have done it all differently if I didn't feel pressurized to be different. I feel that when something is said/done genuinely, the feeling of "cliche" should not exist. An expression is overused or said to be a cliche only cuz it is easy to understand and convey and is appreciated and evokes positive response, in the first place.

When a man proposes with ring in the cake, it is a cliche BUT it doesnt make it any less special for the woman, if she says yes,i.e.On the other hand, if she considers it "cliche" she is looking past the intention putforth and is looking at the whole situation rather superficially.

I can't look outside me for faith or hope.
I don't trust people too easily although I befriend them very easily.
I seldom run out of topics to talk about.
I can love unconditionally.
I can stay mad at someone only for a very short while.
I love shots of vodka with salt on the rim.
I like Red.
I like pictures.
I cry when I watch movies.
I cry when I think about the past.
I smile when I see my husband as soon as I get up.
I am not a morning person despite which the above happens.
I hate travelling.
I am a shoppaholic.
I feel fat.
I like mind-fuck movies.
I don't like some smells and places associated with the past.
I would love to be Simon from American Idol for a day.
I loathe Japanese food.
I remember ALL my dreams.
I can't dance.
I am sarcastic.
My passion is psychology.
My dream is to be the best wife and mother.
My greatest fear is separation from loved ones and old age.
I don't want to learn to drive a car.
I don't want to know the capitals of all countries.
I don't ever want to learn mathematics.
Everything about me is cliched and I am proud of it.

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