Thursday, November 29, 2007


I normally don't like writing posts on any single person although most of my blogs are people related and more often than not they are based on experiences with a particular person.

Off late, I have been meeting people from the "other side" of humanity. So far, I saw men who could love (or something like that), hate, game, eat, game, hate, eat... Then I met Raghu, who is way up there in the homo sapien scale. Besides being extremely intelligent and kind, he is extremely loving and forgiving. Yes, there are many people like him but not anywhere close to how intense and passionate he is about life and what he does. What does he do besides being a wonderful human being? He owns a firm, runs it ALL by himself. A part of which includes making nuts, packaging and the works. You can imagine how many nut jokes from me he faces everyday! To make my work easier, the nuts come in flavours like "herb n cheese" and "hot n spicy" :D

Jokes apart, I won't be wrong if I called him the perfect human being. Well, he can't sing for "nuts" if that counts :) I only wish I had met him earlier; MANY wrong decisions in my life could have been avoided. I am very glad he is a part of my life now and I hope this nutty affair continues for eons.

Cheers bro! You TOTALLY rock.

Peace out ;-)