Monday, October 15, 2007


I m getting married! I m getting married! Boy oh boy am I thrilled! BUT we have been facing MANY obstacles the past few months. Most of it is cuz I belong to the Brahmin Community which is the "highest" caste in the caste system of Hindu society which apparently is the biggest deal in the face of humanity. My fiancee is a Christian and well, his folks decided not to be a part of the wedding or our lives, for that matter.

The step we ( my fiancee and I) have taken is a pretty bold one considering how frikkin anal the society we live in is about caste and religion. My granpa is still not too happy about the wedding. He rubs in it everyday, slowly, hoping it would cut thru my skin like a blunt knife. He says " Didn't you find a Brahmin boy? Or a Hindu for that matter? You have embarrased us a great deal. No one has EVER done that in our family." This is when I am thinking, lets take one point of his at a time :

a) I might have found a Brahmin boy but he will NEVER find me :P. Seeing the way the men in my "brahmin" family treat the women, no thanks. Really. I can't wait for my husband to come home from work while I either don't go to work or come home early and cook. Just when I start to think "AAAh, I can eat the food I made", PSYCHE! I can't. I have to wait for him to come home and I have to wait for him to finish his dinner while I serve him. And if he is especially very hungry that day, I might just have no food left to feed my poor tummy.
b) Embarrased? You? I think not. My family is a walking embarrasment. I don't want to get into details on that one, my mom reads this shit. Take my word for it.
c) And it's not even true that no one has done that in our family. My first cousin married a christian, a few months back!! I know grampa has serious memory issues but this...!!

I also think,I dare not say these things out loud for his doc has asked me not to "provoke" him, he might go breathless and then the works. So, I shut up thinking I won't blog any of this, I only have to hear this for a few more months till I get married and leave. Just then, today he tells me the priest who is to conduct our wedding ceremony came home and was evidently "disappointed" I did this and that my family has to feed 4 brahmin boys a few days before the wedding as a sign of shame and asking our ancestors to forgive us. THAT DID IT! AAAAARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

But guess what? I am still extremely thrilled about my wedding, about spending the rest of my life with the guy I love with all my heart. But yeah ..l.. to those who think like my grampa( I still love him n all).

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