Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thus let me live,unseen,unknown...

I organized a workshop that spoke about Reporting in CSR (Corporate Social Respponsibility). I agree it looks like latin to most of you. No, you are not dumb. I ll tell you what it is. Basically, CSR is a concept which is evolving at a very fast rate. It involves organizations giving something back to the society. At work, I identify the needs of the society and pesent it to these firms. They decide how they can be of help and believe me, even THAT has a selfish motive. Why am I working here? I need the cash right now. I hate to admit it, but its true.
So yesterday's workshop was about how to report the CSR initiatives so that the firms can benifit from it. This is something I fail to fathom. You are doing something for the society as your duty as a human being. Why expect recognition or anything in return, for that matter? Be santa. Give stuff to those who deserve it and vanish.

This one day workshop was held in the premises of a very well known company, with really good food. The whole day was spent in analysing how one can report their CSR activities using GRI G3. When I was having lunch today at work, I thought "Why are people this way? We run around, working all day to make cash. But why?" To lead a "comfortable" life? Perhaps. To save up for our future generation? Maybe. But does our lifestyle make an impact in the people we are from within? Does it give us time to think about what we really want? Does it give us the time we need with our loved ones?

As I sit here at work and type this out, I think how I am not helping people who are dying of hunger. I am thinking I want to be with my fiance instead of sitting all day, making selfish plans for companies. Why am I not sitting with my grandad who has been admitted in the hospital? We sadly live in a world which goes around because of moolah. We are forced to change our priorities. I guess all this is hitting me hard, now that I have been working for a while; making cash, spending it, making some more. I am tired of this already. I want to be doing what I REALLY feel like doing.

Was there ever a time when people were given top priority? when love healed all? I hope there was.

“I don't want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally.”

~ Zelda Fitzgerald