Monday, June 18, 2007

Say it isn't so...

Ah, it's nice to be back after two very eventful weekends and loads of work during the week. Has my life changed in any way? Not like you care but yes, very much so. How, we will not get into.

I was away with Lauren last weekend to Pondicherry. Cheap (nice, nonetheless) hotel, beautiful beaches, lovely roads (I live in Chennai, what did you expect!) and oh yes, the ayurvedic massage. How can I possibly not mention that? Let's just say there is very fine line between getting an awesome massage and getting abused. So, question the touch :P. Last weekend, we were at Mahabalipuram. More beach, some work, some delicious nutella pancakes.

While I was away, "Shivaji" got released. ** Text deleted for I might get killed for my personal opinion on the movie. If you want to comment on the video, do it at your own risk. It was great knowing you.**

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