Sunday, June 03, 2007

Man(?) of the year...

Shocked? Is this for real? Is this "ethically" correct? What do you feel when you see the video? I know you feminists are getting off seeing this ( No, I am not one of them). I personally believe that men and women have set gender roles to play which is considered natural. This "process" for one is breaking that cosmic harmony, that way of nature. Eventually, I am positive this will lead to nothing but negative result of some sort.

I was talking to one of my friends about it and sharing with her my feelings about male pregnancy and she quoted these words: " When God is showing us the way, why not follow it?" This was wrt male pregnancy. I refused to argue with her for it could have led to some hardcore violence. There is a "Science" to this piece of shit process. I mean, yes, science is developing at the speed of light BUT wake up, you "scientists". Draw a goddamn line!

To me, this is no worse than boob implants or a nose job. Actually, I take that back. This is worse. It is against nature. Yes, this is my personal opinion. But think about this. What will the man's emotional state be before, during and after pregnancy? What kind of relationship will the child share with the father? Moreover, aren't we already sulking about population explosion? I have heard people say " Be a part of the solution". Well, I certainly do not think getting a guy pregnant is a very smart solution to that problem.

You know what? Maybe this whole male pregnancy thing is a damn scam. That rhymed, lol!

Nature is just enough; but men and women must comprehend and accept her suggestions.

~ Antoinette Brown Blackwell

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