Friday, April 13, 2007

Uncyclopedia unraveled!

What is Uncyclopedia?

The word "Uncyclopedia" comes from the Bad Latin word "Uncyclopædium", and originated in Time II. Three more-commonly-agreed-upon etymologies and four less-commonly-agreed-upon are commonly-agreed-upon.

From "Unus Encyclopædium"

The word "uncyclopædium" is said by some to have originated from the words Unus meaning one, and Encyclopædium, meaning an encyclopedia.
It therefore means The Only (authorative) Encyclopedia, which, according to various estoric sources was the original name given to the land of Uncyclomedia by Oscar Wilde.

From "Un-" + "Cyclos" + "Encyclopædium"

The word "uncyclopædium" is also said to be a portmanteau of the words "uncycle" and and Encyclopædium, meaning simply an encyclopedia with decreased number and impact of cycles on computational tractability.
The proponents of the theory (mostly computer nerds and programmers) say that leading "un" in the Uncyclopedia name is sometimes interpreted as coming from the word Unus meaning one (and say that it is actually an example of linguistic false friends) to give the expanded versions like "The Only Encyclopedia", "One Footed Tornado", or connection of the word with unicycles, either those of the graph theory or those of real world.

From Doctor Who

The occasional loon in the psycho ward has claimed that the word, in fact, came from an episode of Doctor Who. In the episode, The Doctor used a device called an "Uncyclopedia" (or occasionally "Oncylopaedia") to scramble all history in time and space to the user's advantage.
It has been considered one of the most worthwhile moments in television history, apart from the infamous Donny Osman Dart episode of the Rosie O'Donnell show. This is the most popular explanation for the site's name by Doctor Who nerds, but not by any sensible people.

What does Uncyclopedia have to say on Men?

“I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability.”

~ Oscar Wilde on men

“There are two kinds of men. The ones who pull their cock out on the merry go round, and the ones that masturbate when their cock is out at the merry go round.”

~ Possibly George Carlin but im too buzzed to be sure on men

“What the hell... men went WAAAAAY better than women... Besides, I am one!”

~ God on the creation of men

Men are defined as a breed of dog that oddly resembles a human, nonetheless, more civilized and intelligent than "women", as women are a type of demon. The distinguishing trait being penises, unless they're she-males, in which case they're women. The penis is a tube-like object that is the cause of much distraction to men, especially when it comes to deciding whether to go to work or touch the penis all day. Men are factually known to be less intelligent than a half eaten dog brain. Their natural habitat is in front of the TV, where they watch football games and drink beer, sometimes emerging from the musky depths of their living rooms to die (if they can be bothered). A majority of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and are bald.

What Uncyclopedia has to say about women?

A woman is not a womyn or a wyf or a wyfman. She is someone who has not decided to affiliate with feminism or Middle English in any way. She is probably very normal, but in an attempt to prove male dominance, only one out of ten (male) doctors agree with this assessment.

For thousands of years, men have been searching for a final solution to the women problem. They have yet to execute any permanent measures and experts are beginning to admit grudgingly that women might be here to stay.
Notable characteristics include chocolate blood, 15 GHz multi-tasking capabilities, and an innate hunger for shopping.

I know this is one pointless post but thats how I abuse free web-space AND thats how much I am in love with NOT com. Sigh...

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