Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cruel Intentions...

Mr. A said “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”That is clearly not my belief. Mr. B said “Our intention creates our reality.”Now that, I strongly believe in. This works wonders when you are kind of person who cares only about yourself and your intentions. What if you are like me? What if the people you love accuse you eventhough yours intentions were good cuz it came off all messed up? My intentions are my reality. They are what I am made up of and I am an awesome person.

People make mistakes. Many at that. Who is to say what their intention was? Is it always that they think bad hence act that way? Well, it is easier for people to believe it and exhibit anger and animosity. But not for a moment do people pause and think "What if he didn't 'mean' it that way?" I am not saying that EVERY "bad" action has a "good" intention. I am saying, there could be a possibility which needs to be explored. Lets take, for example what Mr. B said. In the case of a schizophrenic, he might beat up his wife because in his "reality" she is plotting against him. His intention is to save himself. Is that a bad intention that leads to a bad act? Fine, ok you are probably thinking "There she goes..talking about schizophrenia again." Try to apply it to "normalcy" as well.

Also, another interesting observation about intentions is that sometimes when good intentions are conveyed the good way, people don't get it. They either see through it or take advantage of it. When a good intention is portrayed in a bad way (i.e., the person exhibiting the intention being an asshole), it works wonders. The other party is bound to hate the person but then, the end result is achieved. For example,
when two people break up but person 1 does not let go.It could be because of what he/she feels for person 2 and/or because person 2 is not being an asshole. Now person 2's intention is for person 1 to move on and be happy. In order to do that person 2 is forced to be a dick. And how does the world percieve this situation? "Oh that person 2 is such a bastard."

How important are intentions really? How do they change lives? Is it solely the actions that matter?

My friend and I were talking about this little "theory". He says:

"According to this theory, for a person to act upon their good intentions in life, they need to portray themselves as either a bastard or a whore. This theory works very similar to the theory “Utilitarianism”.

It occurred to me that people have always called me a bastard, even though I do so much for them. It then dawned upon me that though my intentions were always true and for the greater good, I always had to perform deeds which “normal” society would deem as “evil”. Even thought the final outcome brings happiness to the other party, there is no gratitude for my actions as I was the “bastard” I the whole series of events.

Take for example the simple case of giving money to a beggar, by this I mean a beggar who is completely capable of work and physical activities. By being a “bastard” and not giving him alms, society titles me as a person with no feelings for the needy. My intention was purely to help the bum. By giving him alms I am just making him lazy and thus preventing him from achieving his true potential. By not giving him alms, he is now forced to make a living and hence realize his true talent / potential. But does society recognize this?

Another example, I used to be in the scouts in school. We were taught to always “Be Prepared”. Now comes the time in life when I carry all the necessary tools I require to complete my task. There comes this person ‘X’ who is purely lethargic to bring their own tools and asks for a loan of my tools. Now I’m a giving person so I don’t mind helping out now and then. Its then I come to realize that this person is following this same process everyday and in the bargain because we are both sharing the same tool; our time is being lost for to complete our work. I realize that for both of us to work with maximum efficiency we both need to bring our own tools. Hence I decide to stop loans my tools to ‘X’. Et Voila! I’m the bastard again!! I’m criticized for not being a generous person and that I can’t help my fellow colleagues.

Hence I feel that for one to be a good person, and have “good intentions”, one HAS to be "evil". Similarly if ones intentions are wrong then all they need to be is a sweetheart. This is how messed up this world is!! "

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