Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 AM in Singapore


She came into the room like a candle burning with a cold, clear flame. Her hair was a burnished shade of black that was too dark to cast back any ruddy highlights, but it still did anyway. Her eyes were dark, clear, her complexion flawlessly smooth and elegantly graced with minimal cosmetics. She was not a tall woman, but shapely, wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline and a walk that would put a feline’s grace to shame. Her three hundred dollar shoes were a study in high-heeled torture devices. She truly looked too good to be true…

“This is an unexpected pleasure” she said, voice rich and full. I rose when she entered the room, hoping for something intelligent and witty for a reply, but ultimately just thankful to even find my voice again, “Most pleasures are unexpected, but the pleasure undoubtedly is mine” I said, and then cursed myself for sounding like a melodramatic fool. But that’s the nature of meeting something so lovely, you want to express so much and its so hard to rein it in sometimes, is it not? One quick fact about me while I’m “expressing” so much about myself, I always try to find the good in life and more often then not the good things in life are quite hard to find, and here I am breathing the same air as this genuinely lovely individual so you will have to forgive me if I seem a tad bit over enthusiastic about this girl.

She laughed, lips shaping the sounds, head falling back just enough to show a flash of that amber-brown throat. “It is a charmingly passé thing to be a gentleman in these times” she said. All I can think of was how one can not be in the presence of something so breathtaking. “You and I are of another world” I said...and then our eyes locked. I didn’t flinch. I met her bottomless gaze and quirked my mouth up in a little smile, as though I had something more, to pull out of my soul if she wanted to go there. I saw her passion, her rage, her caring, her anger, her tenderness, her spontaneity, her brilliance, and for just a moment I got a peek inside, saw the source of it. She was furiously pissed off and overwhelmingly pleased that I had seen her true form, horrified and exalted that I had stripped her disguise away and seen the person beneath. And she was afraid that I could take away her defenses, forever, with my power. Little did she know she could do the same to me, or more likely she knew she exactly could do the same to me.

They say that the eyes are the portals to the soul of a person, and I as gazed into her eyes, it felt like a thousand cool soft satin sheets were being pulled all over my very being, a man can get lost in those eyes. Black, bottomless eyes started at me through the burning fire of my faith. I could feel some sort of power there, trying to get at me and held off by the force of my will, and trust me it took every ounce of will not to let myself sink into those eyes, I can only hope I am not flattering myself when I think that she was doing the same herself…

- Anonymous