Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have been Taken Over :(

It had to come to this someday. I have been with gamers for a very long time now and it's time I succumbed, and I did. I give up. I love it. I love every bit of gaming. I have bitched endlessly about how gaming has ruined my relationships. But you know what? Maybe it hasn't.

Ok, so this is how it all started. I got my husband a PSP for Valentine's Day. I didn't know squat about it when I bought it except that it is something a gamer would love to have. I picked up a random game called "The Takeover" (Street Fighting). He was obvioisly thrilled to have it but he was a lil skeptical about starting to play cuz he feared getting addicted. Little did he know. I enjoyed the first game cuz I beat the shit out of "Xibit". Just when I thought its getting over board I could buy players! So I bought Carmen Electra and some other women. Now I can't wait to get a memory stick to upgrade my game! Damnit Damnit ! Now, my husband is getting me to play Counter Strike. Sigh...And I can't even say No.