Friday, November 24, 2006

A different world.

Nothing has been going right off-late. Shelly died as well. I was just sitting around and thinking about what makes us hard as human beings from within. What helps you stay emotionally detached? Suddenly, I thought about the war, about how people ruthlessly kill each other. In fact, that is their job! Slowly, my thoughts floated into the realm of gaming.
Personally, I have seen so many young men addicted(?) to it. They are happy killing their enemies, I hear them scream " Machaan! Use that weapon. Stab the Motherfucker. I want to see his blood on the fucking walls da" , followed by " Fucker, he s dead. I m the king da.I fucking blew his brains out." The first time i heard this conversation, I was appalled.

Now, when I come to think of it these young men who waste their time, energy and money on something as unreal and futile as computer games might actually be the ones who are stronger emotionally. If they were given an axe,bow,crossbow,dagger,fishing pole,fist weapon,gun,mace,polearm,spear,staff,sword,thrown,two-hand axe,two-hand mace,two-hand sword,wand or something way less complex like a fork or a toothpick, it is highly unlikely that they might think twice before attacking someone they detest. Keeping this in mind, I think they will form the next generation of soldiers. With their brilliant eye-hand co-ordination and mind-blowing strategies, they could contribute to the world of real war.

Even if this is not a conscious process i.e, them "learning" to be emotionally retarded, it might happen eventually as they play more and more and enter the gaming world so often that they feel alienated from the "real" world.

Is this a good thing that these people seldom get hurt in relationships and are productive to warfare in a drastic way? Or is it a bad thing because what makes them human is dead?

"Keep flax from fire, youth from gaming”

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